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Kader Tarhanine summer/fall 2023

Kader Tarhanine summer/fall 2023 Tour with “Festival in Exile Caravan” dates will be updated as they are confirmed.

Événements à venir

  • 26 juin, 19:00
    Barcelone, Barcelone, Espagne
    With the politico-security crisis that Mali experienced in 2012 and in particular the ban on music in the north of the country, the Festival in the Desert became a "Festival in Exile", with its artists welcomed throughout the world in the form of Cultural Caravans for Peace to raise awareness within
  • 27 juin, 19:00 UTC+2 – 30 juin, 19:00 UTC+2
    Firenze, Piazzale delle Cascine, 4, 50144 Firenze FI, Italie
    One of the main lines of this 30th edition of the Fabbrica Europa Festival is linked to the intertwining of cultures and languages, countries of origin and countries of choice, tradition and research, a human and artistic mix that represents our present. A widespread and articulated programme design
  • Afrika Festival, Hertme
    sam. 01 juil.
    01 juil., 18:00 UTC+2
    Hertme, Hertmerweg 31, 7626 LV Hertme, Pays-Bas
    Afrika Festival Hertme est l'un des festivals les plus exaltants des Pays-Bas ! Depuis plus de 30 ans, le festival de musique de deux jours se déroule dans le magnifique Openluchttheater Hertme verdoyant.
  • Førdefestivalen
    mar. 04 juil.
    04 juil., 17:00 UTC+2 – 06 juil., 17:00 UTC+2
    Førde, Angedalsvegen 5, 6800 Førde, Norvège
    The Førde Traditional and World Music Festival is the largest festival for trad and world music in Scandinavia, presenting about 80 acts from 30 venues and 250 artists from all over the world for 25-30 000 visitors each year. In addition, we arrange concerts and other events during the year.
  • Ranglerock Festival, Bryne
    ven. 07 juil.
    07 juil., 17:00 UTC+2 – 08 juil., 17:00 UTC+2
    Ranglerock festival / Bryne, Elvegata 4B, 4340 Bryne, Norvège
    The Ranglerock Festival is an annual rock festival that takes place in the small town of Bryne, located on the west coast of Norway. Usually arranged at the end of July. The festival was first held at Hognestad in 2002, then being called the Hoggstock Festival. The second year around, the arrangemen
  • Zomer Van Antwerpen, Anvers
    mer. 26 juil.
    26 juil., 16:00 UTC+2 – 30 juil., 16:00 UTC+2
    Antwerpen, Uitbreidingstraat 584, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgique
    Atmosphere and surprise are the starting point of the Summer of Antwerp programme, as varied as the city and its inhabitants: music from all over the world, the best of (inter)national circus, strong visual theatre, dance in the most unthinkable and many events
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